Do you want to open your own business in future? Do you want to return to education? Youstar Recruitment is the right choice for you to get a professional advice. Contact us today!  

Welcome to Youstar Recruitment

Youstar Recruitment is an organisation that promotes education and apprenticeship programmes within different communities in London and different parts of the UK.

We offer a wide range of services to students and business entrepreneurs who want to gain access to higher education and create access to career opportunities.

Apprenticeship programme

We also specialises in helping those already on the job gain access to nationally recognised qualifications through our apprenticeship programmes, which are completely free or fully funded by the SFA for qualifying candidates.

We offer apprenticeship programmes in customer service, business, IT, engineering and many more.

We recognise that choosing the right course and career match can be a bit challenging and tricky, which is the reason why we work with different people (students, business entrepreneurs and so on) from all walks of life, to find the right course that match their individual circumstances, aspirations and find flexible learning opportunities that fit around their personal commitments and lifestyle.

Employing young people

Our apprenticeship programmes is also a fantastic opportunities for employers to employ young people who can be moulded and developed into the culture of their organisation.

Employers can also apply for the government AGE Grant of 1500 for up to 5 apprentices for eligible candidates.


   Our courses on offer can help you

    achieve your goal.

  Business Courses
  Engineering Courses
  Teachers Training
  Health and Social Care
  Computing &IT Courses
  Graphic Design Courses
  Performing Arts
  and many more!


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